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The fire ant is originally from South America. The insect was unintentionally brought to the southern states of the United States in the 1940s. It has since migrated all the way from Texas to Virginia. Some breeds have even made their way to the Midwest and western states. Fire ants are different in appearance from “regular” ant breeds. They are dark orange, red, and brown in color and range in sizes. These different sizes, from three to six millimeters, enable fire ant hives to quickly get into formation and sting intruders who enter their hive.   Fire Ant Extermination Services   These Duplin and Wayne County fire ants are very quickly becoming a nuisance in North Carolina. This is due to their preference of sandy soil for nest building. Their large underground interconnecting colonies often have multiple queens. Fire ants thrive in mild climates where annual rainfall is over ten inches per year and temperatures do not fall below 10°F.   Along with farms, fire ants have been invading gardens and homes. Fire ants thrive on ripe fruit and are prone to attack agricultural workers and berry pickers. In homes, fire ants are a safety hazard. They build large nests in yards. Fire ant nests resemble loose clumps of above-ground soil that look similar to gopher holes. There is usually more than one nest.   Contact a Fire Ant Professional from Arrest-A-Pest   Fire ants are extremely painful to step on. The insects are volatile and will relentlessly bite any adult, child, or pet who disturbs their home. Even walking too close to a fire ant’s nest can be interpreted as aggression.   Wayne and Duplin County fire ant nests are unseemly and give the appearance of an unkempt property. While very clear to spot, a homeowner can never know how many thousands of ants are living on their land.   The only way to remove fire ants is to contact professional pest control specialists. Our professional exterminators offer fire ant extermination in Goldsboro, Fremont, Mar-Mac, Elroy, Mt Olive, Walnut Creek, New Hope, Pikeville, Rose Hill, Beulaville, Warsaw, Wallace, Teachey, Greenvers, Magnolia, Kenansville, and the surrounding areas. The extraction of fire ant nests is very dangerous because most homeowners do not know that they are allergic to the insects until it is too late. Our exterminators also have the best methods for exterminating any remaining fire ants who may attempt to re-colonize your property. We offer 24 hour emergency service too!