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Liquid Protection

Subterranean termites are a major problem throughout the American southeast. These wood-eating insects form large underground colonies anywhere the ground is moist and can travel long distances in search of food. Within a few years, a termite infestation could reduce your home to sawdust. When you suspect termites, you need professional termite control in Wayne County and Duplin County from Arrest-A-Pest Exterminators.   Liquid termiticides are chemicals applied to the soil to form a barrier around a home or other structure. They have been in use for decades. They can kill termites on contact, but mostly rely on their repellent effects, which can last for many years. When properly applied, liquid termiticides keep all termites out of the house entirely, keeping the main colony under control.   Do-It-Yourself termite treatments are not effective. That’s because homeowners looking for termite control in Duplin County and Wayne County do not have access to the professional-grade equipment that allows pest control companies to drill deep holes in soil and concrete, and then pump termite control chemicals where they need to be. Other equipment may be needed to inject termiticide alongside the foundation or under a concrete slab.   Arrest-A-Pest is Termidor Certified for Termite Control   Take care when choosing any soil-based termite control program. These techniques rely on toxic chemicals that repel or kill insects. When misused, liquid termite control products can sicken or poison humans and pets. They can also do significant damage to the environment, especially if they are able to enter local waterways.   Never handle professional-grade termiticides yourself; they can be extremely dangerous. Leave it to the professionals.   Liquid termite treatments come in two main kinds: repellents and lethal options. Older products, such Permethrin and Fenvalerate, keep termites away but they don’t kill them. Some newer liquid termite control products are non-repellent. Instead, they kill all termites that tunnel into the treatment zone. This class of products includes imidacloprid, chlorfenapyr and fipronil. Arrest-A-Pest utilizes Termidor for liquid termite treatments. We are also Termidor certified.   Overall, non-repellent lethal products seem more appealing, but they are less reliable over time than repellent options. Both types of liquid termite treatments can also be used in conjunction with bait stations to produce a more effective overall control strategy. Consult with your preferred pest control company to determine which option is best for your situation.   If you live in an area where termites are a problem, don’t just try to forget about it. These pests can turn out to be a serious problem for homeowners and anyone who needs to maintain a wooden structure. Consult a professional pest control service to find out which termite control options are best for your situation.