How To Get Rid Of Termites On Your Raleigh, NC Property


Unfortunately, there are several ways that Raleigh, NC home and business owners can lose their land. Termites are one of them. These bugs eat wood and can destroy entire buildings. Affected residents and entrepreneurs may face relocation, financial losses, and even injury from a crumbling structure.

Most people won’t know they have a termite issue until the situation is critical. The pests do all their dirty work inside walls and underneath the soil. Every year, Americans spend a total of $5 billion trying to combat or recover from termites. Recourse is rarely offered by insurance companies. Learn how you can prevent these awful insects with help from Arrest A Pest Exterminators. 

a termite chewing on wood

How Do Termites Function? What Are Signs of Infestation?

Having a better understanding of termite invasions begins with knowing more about their colonies. Workers, soldiers, and swarmers make them up. Workers in this area are usually 0.12 of an inch long, and grayish-white or white. As their name suggests, soldiers protect the bunch. The sometimes yellow-brown bugs with rectangular heads use their chunky mandibles to fight if needed. Swarmers perform reproductive tasks. They are ½ of an inch long, and black, yellow, or brown. Once they leave full nests from drilled holes, they flutter off to the nearest light source. Then, they’ll get to mating and creating new homes. You know for sure that you have an infestation if you spot a swarmer. Additional indicators are:

  • Discolored drywall that’s wilting
  • Having needle-sized holes, maze patterns, and/or mud tubes in walls
  • Loose tiles and creaking floorboards
  • Paint that’s chipping, frothy, and looking like it’s damaged by water
  • Discovering piles of fecal frass; it’s similar to salt and pepper
  • Hollow sounding foundations
  • Finding the scaly wings of swarmers

Can DIY (Do It Yourself) Termite Methods Work? How Can You Prevent Termites?

So-called remedies that people often utilize include orange oil, vinegar, or boric acid. Folks will apply these things to impacted areas, or try to expose them to natural sunlight. Retail sprays, liquids, baits, and other goods are typically used as well. These avenues may produce some results, but they will be short-lived. Only a few termites will die or be repelled if any at all. There’s variation in what each subspecies will respond to. The average person won’t have the expertise to discern one group from another, or what approach is required.

Further, it’s difficult to predict the potency of a shelf item. Some are very weak and watered down, while others are extremely strong. Possible exposure to highly toxic chemicals isn’t worth the risk. Moreover, label instructions are generally too complex to follow well. In the end, there could be lethal outcomes because of accidental misapplication.

Once more, commercial avenues tend to provide just temporary effects. They won’t go past the surface of the problem. Termite colonies are massive and they shelter themselves deep in foundations. To protect your domicile or establishment, you must seek out the assistance of professionals with robust resources.

Preventative protocols you can enact are:

  • Removing rotten or spoiled wood
  • Having moisture malfunctions fixed; especially those wetting wood
  • Keeping free wood, like carpentry panels, off of soil
  • Patching up openings in utility lines and structures
  • Distancing loose wood and greenery feet away from the property

How Will Arrest A Pest Exterminators Handle Termites?

The experienced technicians at Arrest A Pest Exterminators will employ industrial-grade treatments to eradicate termite colonies. Our safe solutions involve bait and detector stations, and Termidor liquid termiticides, injections, and soil-based controls. These options will address intrusions by all subspecies in the region, at all stages of life. Call us today to get started on effective home pest control! Emergency and evening appointments are available! We’re ready to serve you!

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