How To Keep Ants Away From Your Goldsboro, NC Property


It’s hard protecting your home from ants, but there are a few things you can do to deter these pests. When you follow a few tips and work with an experienced pest control technician in Goldsboro, you may be able to keep ants away. Although it takes some effort, ant prevention is possible.

an up close image of a carpenter ant on a moist log

The Many Ants Of Goldsboro

If you truly want to keep ants away from your property, you need to know some basic facts about the local invaders. One common ant is the acrobat ant. Typically yellowish-brown to black, this ant only grows to be about 1/8th inch. When this ant senses a threat, it thrusts its heart-shaped abdomen up in the air.

Another local ant is the Argentine ant. Often dark brown to black, these ants have a unique appearance. They form large colonies that can have thousands of workers and queens. Once they come inside, Argentine ants don’t waste any time taking over.

One of the most well-known local ants is the carpenter ant. Although this ant varies in color, it is easy to identify by its large size. It tends to be black, red, yellow, or any mixture of those three colors. If the size or color of this local pest isn’t enough to tip you off, its behavior should be. The carpenter ants chew wood to make a network of tunnels. Any time you find ants in your wood, there’s a good chance you’re dealing with carpenter ants.

Tips For Keeping Goldsboro Ants Out

There are several key ways to keep ants outside of your home, but it all starts with sealing up potential entrances. Think about it for a second. If you have ants inside your home, they have found a way to get in. They could come in through gaps under your door, cracks in your foundation, or gaps around your plumbing. If you don’t want to deal with the food contamination or property damage that might occur with an ant infestation, you need to seal up all entrances. Check your screens, install door sweeps, and caulk holes in your siding.

Ants usually have a reason to enter your home. The most common reason for an ant infestation is the availability of food. If you have an open trash can, crumbs on your floor, or open food in your pantry, ants will try to come inside. It’s essential to take measures to limit ant food. This means doing the following:

  • Store your trash in cans with lids
  • Keep pantry items sealed in bags or containers
  • Clean up spills immediately
  • Deep clean behind your appliances

Of course, all of this is easier said than done. There’s no way to eliminate crumbs from your home. Even if you sweep after every meal, you won’t get rid of all the crumbs. Your home will always be appealing to ants.

Keeping Ants Outside

To keep ants from the outside venturing indoors, you should make your yard less appealing to them. Clean up piles of debris and address moisture issues. If any branches or grasses touch your home, cut them back to make it more difficult for ants to get onto your home.

For the best results, you need professional assistance. Here at Arrest A Pest Exterminators, we have highly trained technicians waiting to help you. We consider all of the ways how ants can get into your home, and then we take action. When you rely on us for ant control in Goldsboro, you can receive ongoing protection from all of the local ants. If you’re ready to get started, give us a call. 

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