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About 10 miles out from the city of Goldberg is a town guided by its close-knit community, rich history, and small-town atmosphere. Dudley, NC was originally established shortly before the Civil War in 1840, relying primarily on railroading and exported goods to support the economy. Dudley, NC is a hotbed of charming natural vistas and wild spaces, providing countless spaces for recreation, hiking, and camping, for those who live and love being outdoors, Dudley, NC is the perfect place to go. The prevalence of wilderness around Dudley, NC results in good times for many, including some dangerous members of the community: pests.

Bugs, stinging insects, spiders, and rodents each find their own way to infiltrate Dudley homes, creating property damage, physical injury, and health hazards for everyone involved. It is both convenient and easy to ignore the potential signs of pest infestation around your property, although the risks involved are extremely dire. Protect your property along with those you love by investing with the professional pest control efforts of Arrest A Pest Exterminators, Dudley’s premier agency for all things pests. We have decades of experience controlling bed bugs, termites, and roaches all over the area, and are looking forward to serving you with skill, speed, and pride. Learn more about how we can serve your home or business by contacting the team today or completing our online contact form as soon as possible.

Home Pest Control In Dudley, NC

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Every home in Dudley, NC should have some level of pest protection, from monthly plans to quarterly visitations. At Arrest A Pest Exterminators, we specialize in developing residential pest control plans that purposefully serve your needs, and establish a level of protection that suits your unique circumstances. We don’t believe in complicated or convoluted pest control, and instead offer a selection of plans that specifically address your pests without wasting your money. Here’s how we promise to serve your Dudley, North Carolina home:

  • One time pest control services with a full 30-day warranty
  • Monthly and quarterly pest control services
  • Termite control and monitoring programs
  • 1 year guaranteed fire ant control
  • Residential bed bug control
  • Moisture prevention in vents, dehumidifiers, and vapor barriers
  • Mosquito abatement programs
  • Seasonal pest services (fleas, ticks, etc)

No matter what your pest control needs are, Arrest A Pest Exterminators promises to deliver quality services at affordable prices. Book your next Dudley, NC residential pest control plan by reaching out to our professionals today.

Commercial Pest Control In Dudley, NC

Temperate climates, humid summers, and warm winter seasons make pests a very real threat in the North Carolina area. Businesses in every industry must make pest control a priority, regardless of where or who they serve. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services from Arrest A Pest Exterminators help commercial businesses develop successful pest prevention plans for almost any need. Our team works alongside your staff and property to create winning strategies against pest problems both past and current. We take a three-step approach in blueprinting your unique pest plan by:

1. Identifying unique pest species around the property, as well as their related activities. All locations and entry points are marked for your convenience.
2. Once all pests have been identified, Arrest A Pest Exterminators builds a tailor-made program for the prevention, treatment, and follow-up. We partner directly with your business to ensure the highest possible quality.
3. Solutions for pest activity are continuously used and implemented. A combined approach of products, cultural controls, and mitigation techniques are used together.

As a wise man once said, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. To secure a commercial pest control plan that protects your property for years to come, reach out to Arrest A Pest Exterminators now.

Six Solutions For Dudley’s Bed Bug Problems

Bed bug problems in Dudley, NC cannot be solved without professional pest intervention. Arrest A Pest Exterminators repairs bed bug infestations in six steps:

1. Swift identification services
2. Washing all sheets, and fabrics at the highest heat setting
3. Removing all items from closets and nightstands
4. Discarding items that are heavily infested (such as mattresses)
5. Chemical and heat treatments
6. Ongoing bed bug controls and follow-up visits

Call today to book a bed bug inspection from Arrest A Pest Exterminators.

How Should Dudley Homeowners Check For Termites

There are many different types of termite species that live in the Dudley, NC area. Ensure that your home is termite-free by checking for the following symptoms:

  • The buildup of frass around walls, floors, and corners
  • Strange clicking sounds in walls
  • Sagging walls and ceilings
  • Patches of water damage
  • Mud tunnels

Protect yourself from the stress of Dudley termite infestations. Contact Arrest A Pest Exterminators for comprehensive termite treatment solutions in Dudley, NC.


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