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The quaint little town of Pikeville, NC, is considered one of the best kept secrets in northeastern North Carolina. Surrounded by rich farmland, our half-square-mile community is filled with 700 friendly citizens, making this a great place to live, work, and play. However, there are some dangers to be aware of. Local pest populations seek sources of food, water, and shelter on our properties all year long. These intruders come with serious consequences, and that’s why it’s a good idea to leave all your pest control needs to the professionals. 
Arrest A Pest Exterminators is here to help. Since 2009, our team has been providing residential, commercial, military installations, and industrial pest extermination services to properties throughout Wayne County and the surrounding areas. From bed bugs, termites, and ants, to rodents, spiders, and roaches, we’re here to protect you from local pest populations. Get in touch with us to get your free quote. We also offer a 10% military discount, and a 20% discount for referring family and friends. 

Home Pest Control In Pikeville, NC

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Your Pikeville home deserves the absolute best pest protection around, and the team at Arrest A Pest Exterminators is ready to protect you. We service all kinds of residential properties, such as single-family homes, condos, apartments, and multi-family units. Whatever the nature of your household infestation, our team is here to protect you. Some of our treatments include:

  • Cockroach extermination.
  • Silverfish detection and elimination.
  • Flea treatments for carpets and backyards.
  • Rodent control and prevention.
  • Fire ant treatments and prevention.
  • Wasp and hornet nest removal from house and yard.
  • Bed bug exterminating.
  • Termite control treatments.

All of our pest technicians are completely licensed and insured, and trained in structural pest control in North Carolina. Whether you’re looking for a one-time solution, or ongoing, year-round pest protection, we’ve got your back with our residential pest services. Call today for a detailed quote.

Commercial Pest Control In Pikeville, NC

If you want to protect your Pikeville business from infestation, you’ve come to the right place. Our commercial pest control solutions have serviced many different kinds of businesses, some of which include office buildings, food processing facilities, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and many others. Our team specializes in pest control for restaurants and dining establishments, and our exterminators are AIB (American Institute of Baking) certified. We have the knowledge and expertise to deal with all kinds of food service facilities. 
Using customized IPM (Integrated Pest Management) plans to fit your needs, we take an ecological and cost-effective approach to pest management, giving your business guaranteed protection from commercial infestation. We also provide evening hours and 24-hour emergency services, giving you the peace of mind knowing you’re thoroughly protected around the clock. Reach out today to learn more.

Five Mosquito Control Tips For Pikeville Backyards

Not only do pesky mosquitoes leave us with itchy bites, but they also expose us to many vector-borne illnesses. In order to protect yourself and your loved ones from the potential harm of mosquitoes, it’s crucial to reduce their presence in your Pikeville backyard. Here are five mosquito control tips to use in your mosquito prevention efforts:

  • Apply a barrier insect repellent around the perimeter of the property.

  • Get rid of any sources of standing water, such as buckets, tires, pet water bowls, etc.

  • Keep your landscaping and vegetation well-trimmed and neat to deter mosquito activity.

  • Maintain gutters and downspouts to divert water away from the structure.

  • Use window and door screens to prevent entry, or repair screens that have been damaged or ripped.

These tips can certainly help you minimize your exposure to mosquitoes, but the truth is, nothing is as effective or as reliable as help from the pest professionals. Call Arrest A Pest Exterminators today to address all of your mosquito control and prevention needs. We’ll set up your initial service visit as soon as possible, and get you on track to enjoying a mosquito-free backyard all year long.

How To Check Mattresses For Bed Bugs In Pikeville

Experiencing a bed bug infestation is a real nightmare that no property owner wants to deal with. These parasitic pests are named after one of their favorite hiding spots: our beds. As these tiny intruders wait for access to their food source (human blood), they hide out in our sheets, linens, and mattresses. That’s why it’s always good to check your mattress and bedding for any signs of bed bug activity. 
The first thing you’ll want to do is put on a pair of rubber gloves, and get out a flashlight and stiff brush or paint scraper. Use these tools to check the mattress for active bed bugs, eggs, feces, skin and eggshell casings. Also be sure to check for blood spots and excrement spots, thoroughly inspecting the mattress from top to bottom. Inspect all the seams, tufts, folds, corners, and crevices. Pay attention to piping, tags, and box springs, as these are common bed bug hiding areas.
If you think there may be any kind of bed bug activity in your Pikeville home or business, the best thing you can do is reach out to a team of experienced pest professionals. Here at Arrest A Pest Exterminators, we customize bed bug treatments to tackle your infestation in an effective manner that caters to the needs of your individual property. Reach out to us today to get started; we look forward to helping you.


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