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Everything Goldsboro Residents Need To Know About Rodent Prevention

Updated: Apr 29

Rodent control in Goldsboro is an essential part of caring for your home, and it all begins with well-informed prevention efforts.  

Welcome to a quick but thorough guide to rodent prevention and control in Goldsboro. Rodents like to hang around human environments, especially homes, for a number of different reasons. But even a temporary rodent invasion can cause some serious issues for homeowners unless you take steps to have them removed and keep them away for the long term. 

Fortunately for us, rodents are not complicated creatures, and with a few simple maintenance strategies, you can drastically reduce the chances of rodents trying to make their home on your property. 

So, let’s jump right in and talk about common rodents in the area, the problems posed by a rodent presence on your property, effective rodent prevention strategies, and professional rodent removal. Thanks for joining us. 

Common Rodents Found Around Goldsboro

To start, let’s go through some of the types of rodents in Goldsboro you’re likely to see. Roof rats, Norway rats, and mice are all common in the area, and compared to certain larger rodents, all three are fairly likely to look for shelter somewhere inside your home rather than just on your property. 

Roof rats, as you might have guessed, are able to climb very well, and they can easily find their way onto your roof or into your attic unless it’s sealed tight. These rats are also darker in color than other rat species.  

Norway rats, on the other hand, keep close to the ground. In terms of identification, these rats are basically the stereotypical image of a rat. They have gray coloring and long, hairless tails. They can also be quite large, up to 16 inches long, including the tail. 

Mice are much smaller than both of these rat species, around 7 inches, including the tail. Proportionally speaking, mice also have much larger ears than rats. Their small size and impressive speed make it easy for them to sneak around homes and build nests in relatively small spaces.  

What all of these rodents have in common is that they can cause serious health risks for your home. 

Rodent Infestations Are A Major Health Risk

What are some consequences of having a rodent infestation in your home? Well, rodents can definitely cause certain kinds of property damage by making holes and using various materials to create their nests. 

However, the primary concern with rodent infestations is health risks. All of the rodents mentioned above are capable of carrying and spreading germs. When humans come into contact with these germs, they can develop into dangerous medical conditions, including a number of serious diseases. 

For example, mice can spread hantavirus, leptospirosis, and Lassa fever. Rats can spread a wide range of diseases, including tularemia and salmonella. 

Rats can spread germs simply by moving around in your home and coming into contact with different surfaces; this is especially dangerous if you’re unaware of a rodent problem. Of course, rodent prevention and control can remove these health risks completely. 

Five Effective Strategies For Rodent Prevention

Rodent prevention is a key component of rodent control overall. We’ve compiled a list of five key prevention strategies for preventing rodent infestations: 

  1. Don’t leave any sources of water near or in your home. Even a pet’s water bowl can attract rodents. 

  2. Make sure that your garbage cans close tightly with lids that can’t be easily removed. 

  3. Close or repair any small holes or openings in the foundations of your home and exterior walls. 

  4. Remove clutter and debris from your yard, including leaf piles and deep mulch. 

  5. Keep food in airtight containers.  

By using these five strategies, you can reduce the chances of rodents making their way into your home, preventing serious health risks in the process. 

Why Professional Rodent Removal Is Worth It

If you’re starting to get frustrated with a rodent presence in or near your home, professional home pest control is the fastest way to get things back to normal. 

Professional rodent removal from a trusted pest control service in your area is an excellent solution, and it’s also one of the fastest ways to resolve a rodent problem. Professionals have the tools and training to allow them to find the most efficient solution for every rodent infestation. 

Are you searching for rodent control near you? All you need to do is contact Arrest A Pest Exterminators today to get started.


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