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Pest Control In Princeton, NC

Trusted Pest Control In Princeton, NC

Princeton is a community-oriented locale where little league is a weekend activity for many and where waving at a stranger is a typical occurrence. It comes as no surprise then, that the public schools in Princeton are very good. The center of town also has quirky coffee shops, gift stores, and other important businesses that all add up to the area’s charming character. Princeton has the benefit of being located right off of US Highway 70, so getting around is very easy. 

At Arrest A Pest Exterminators, we know that pests in Princeton are lurking around corners waiting to become a problem. To that end, we’ve been offering trusted pest control in Princeton, NC, since 2009. Our team of highly qualified pest professionals follow Integrated Pest Management methods in order to help homeowners and businesses alike achieve lasting relief from the pests that plague them. To learn more about our services and receive your free estimate, call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Princeton, NC

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At Arrest A Pest Exterminators, we want what’s best for our community. We make this a reality by providing safe and effective pest control services for both general invaders and more complicated ones like bed bugs and mosquitoes. Our team has more than 20 years of experience and an unwavering commitment to top-notch customer service. When you enlist our services, you can rest assured that we will work tirelessly to not only eliminate your active pest problems but also work to prevent new ones. 

We offer both monthly and quarterly service plans that incorporate treatments such as bait stations, wasp nest removal, and perimeter barriers. If you’re ready to live pest-free, call us today for more information on our residential pest control services in Princeton

Commercial Pest Control In Princeton, NC

If you’re looking for a reliable answer to your Princeton business’s pest concerns, consider partnering with Arrest A Pest Exterminators. We bring more than 20 years of expertise to every hotel, medical office, and storefront that we serve. Our customers continue to trust us because our team is licensed and certified, and we provide highly customized programs built around the Integrated Pest Management approach. We focus on the root cause of your pest problems in order to use the methods that will best serve your property and daily reality. 

We are able to treat your business for general pests as well as bed bugs, mosquitoes, and termites. If you’re in need of a Wood-Destroying Insect Report, we can help with that, too. To learn more about our commercial pest control services in Princeton and how they can serve your business, call us today. 

Why Princeton Residents Need To Take Precautions Against Cockroaches

When it comes to cockroaches, Princeton residents are best served by preventing these pest problems at all costs. A few key reasons include:

  • Potential infestation size and location: Cockroaches never stray far from their food source, which means that they usually live in kitchen cabinets or around sinks and showers. That said, locating them can still be very challenging. They are also primarily active at night, making them harder to spot. The average female cockroach can also lay 160 eggs in just ten months, so population size can grow very quickly. 

  • Exposure to health risks: A key reason to avoid cockroaches is the health risks that they are associated with. Cockroaches are often the source of streptococcus infections, listeriosis, and E. coli infections. 

  • Difficulty of removal: The German cockroach is notorious for how stubborn their infestations are, in part because they have a growing immunity to many common forms of treatment. 

  • Secondary infestations: While cockroaches themselves eat a variety of insects, they are also a source of prey for certain household invaders. If cockroaches are present, then they might attract spiders, beetles, and centipedes, continuing the cycle of pest activity.

For more information on cockroach control in Princeton, call Arrest A Pest Exterminators today. 

Bed Bugs In Princeton Can't Be Treated Using DIY Methods Alone

While DIY methods of removing the bed bugs from your Princeton property might be tempting, they are no match for what the experts bring. Bed bugs usually fester inside of hard-to-reach areas such as electrical outlets and bedroom mattresses. If you’re even able to find bed bugs, you still probably aren’t equipped to deal with the potential size of your infestation, which can easily reach hundreds or even thousands in a few months. 

Professional pest control is the most reliable and safest way to eliminate any bed bugs that might be sticking around your home or place of business. When you work with a pest expert, you are benefiting not only from their knowledge and training, but also from their access to the most effective treatment options. A pest technician will be able to properly identify the entire spread of your infestation, utilize the appropriate approach for your situation, and work with you to help limit bed bug outbreaks in the future. The treatments that professionals use are not able to be bought in the store and are likely safer than anything the average homeowner could find as well. If safety and reliability are important to you, consider professional bed bug control in Princeton from Arrest A Pest Exterminators.

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