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Commercial Pest Control In Goldsboro, NC

Pest control to protect your Goldsboro business.

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Keeping Your Goldsboro Business Pest-Free

Running a business demands a constant acquisition of new skills. Even mundane tasks like property upkeep can consume significant time, irrespective of one's industry or expertise. While some maintenance can be handled internally, certain aspects necessitate professional intervention.

Should pests invade your Goldsboro business, your optimal solution lies in reaching out to Arrest-A-Pest Exterminators. Our seasoned technicians possess the expertise to eradicate and prevent pests from commercial premises safely and efficiently. Backed by guarantees, our services adhere meticulously to industry standards and regulations, ensuring precision in every endeavor.

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What To Expect From Our Commercial Services

At Arrest-A-Pest Exterminators, we utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methodology to address your business's pest concerns comprehensively. IPM takes into account all factors to deliver long-term solutions, minimizing product usage.

We commence with an inspection to identify specific pests, entry points, harborage areas, signs of activity, and conducive conditions. Collaboration with you is vital for comprehensive pest elimination. Therefore, we provide a pest sighting log for your input.

During our initial visit, we conduct exterior and interior treatments, including removing spider webs and wasp nests outside, applying treatments, and installing rodent stations. Inside, we develop a tailored treatment plan using IPM strategies customized to your business.

Follow-up services are available monthly to maintain pest protection. This proactive approach ensures you can focus on your business without pest concerns.

Facilities We Service

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Apartments & Hotels

It can be tricky to keep an apartment building or hotel pest-free because of the number of people who come and go on a regular basis. Arrest-A-Pest Exterminators can take that worry away.



Keeping your church a place where people want to come each week, and where they feel safe while there, requires you to keep it pest-free. Arrest-A-Pest Exterminators can help.

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Industrial Buildings & Warehouses

With large buildings filled with inventory and equipment, it’s essential that you keep damaging pests away. Let Arrest-A-Pest Exterminators keep your industrial building or warehouse free of pests.

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Medical Offices

Many pests are known to spread diseases, which is something you simply cannot allow in your medical office. Arrest-A-Pest Exterminators will keep your office pest-free.



A pest infestation in your restaurant can lead to contaminated food, sick customers, and bad reviews. Protect your customers and your business with Arrest-A-Pest Exterminators.


Schools & Universities

Students come to your school to learn. The last thing they need is pests distracting them or putting them in harm’s way. Arrest-A-Pest Exterminators will keep your school pest-free.

Reasons To Choose Arrest A Pest Exterminators


Integrated Pest Management

We use Integrated Pest Management methodology in order to deliver the safe, effective, and long-lasting pest control your business needs.


Monthly Services

By providing your business with monthly pest control services, we can ensure your property remains pest-free.


Employee Discounts

When your business works with us, your employees receive a discount on any pest control services they need for their home.

We Work For You

Discovering pests in your business can be a source of immense stress. You understand that a pest infestation poses a significant threat to your business and that swift, thorough action is imperative. However, you likely lack the time or resources to address it yourself. This is where Arrest-A-Pest Exterminators steps in. We specialize in providing expert pest control solutions tailored to our commercial clients, ensuring the effective elimination of pest issues while prioritizing the safety of your business, employees, and customers.

Don't allow pests to undermine your hard work and dedication to your business. Let Arrest-A-Pest Exterminators safeguard it by swiftly addressing active pest problems and implementing a monthly plan to prevent future infestations. Reach out to us today to secure the pest protection your business deserves, or to explore our home pest control services.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Definitely a great service provided overall. Josh came out two times and there is overall a huge difference noted. Definitely worth the money spent and the service was quick and fast without us having to leave home. Josh was friendly and knowledgeable about the agency and service. Satisfied with the outcome. Would recommend for any pest treatment inside or outside. 5 stars.

- JaTericka M.


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