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Termite Control In Goldsboro, NC

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Tiny Termites Can Wreak Serious Havoc

Here in North Carolina, termite issues abound. Most termite species thrive in environments with moisture and warmth, making the southeastern United States an ideal habitat. This reality requires homeowners across the region, including in Goldsboro, to remain vigilant.

One of the primary reasons termites in Goldsboro cause extensive damage is their wood-consuming behavior. This means they seldom need to venture outside their nests to search for food, making them elusive to detection. The ability of termites to infest homes for months or even years without being detected is a significant factor contributing to their destructive potential.

Termites inflict billions of dollars in property damage annually, with a penchant for infiltrating floor joists, support beams, and wall studs. Their ability to cause substantial structural damage over extended periods, combined with their clandestine behavior, underscores the severity of the threat they pose.

Termites can easily evade detection and spread covertly, allowing infestations to proliferate unnoticed. This difficulty in detection, coupled with the challenges of eradication, renders termite problems daunting for untrained homeowners to address independently.


Trust Arrest-A-Pest Exterminators To Deal With Your Termites

The concerning aspect of a termite infestation is that signs may not manifest until significant structural damage has already occurred. Often, the most apparent indicators of termites relate to the destruction they've already caused. Symptoms may become noticeable once damage has ensued, such as:

Warped walls

Sagging ceilings

Buckling floorboards

Holes in drywall

Dysfunctional windows and doors

Regrettably, by the time these signs become apparent, the damage is usually extensive. Attempting to address existing infestations independently can exacerbate the issue, causing termites to spread and reproduce more rapidly.

Fortunately, there's a more effective solution. At Arrest-A-Pest Exterminators, our team of termite experts possesses the knowledge and expertise to eradicate these destructive pests. Regardless of the extent or duration of your infestation, our pest control services in Goldsboro, NC, can assist you in reclaiming your home from tunneling termites.

Our Termite Control Process

At Arrest-A-Pest Exterminators, our objective extends beyond merely eliminating the primary termite nest or temporarily reducing your home's termite burden. We aim to eradicate termites from your property entirely and prevent their return.

Our termite control process commences with a comprehensive inspection of your property to identify active termite locations within your home and determine the species involved. This information enables us to devise a tailored plan for elimination. Additionally, we identify conducive conditions that may contribute to future termite infestations, allowing you to address them proactively.

Once we grasp the extent of your termite issue, we develop customized termite solutions to suit your needs. Our range of options includes Termidor® and liquid treatments. Furthermore, we offer annual renewals and guarantees to ensure continuous protection against reinfestations.

Remember, early detection and treatment are key to mitigating termite damage effectively. By partnering with Arrest-A-Pest Exterminators, you're taking proactive steps to safeguard your property from these destructive pests.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are termites in my home?

Termites are attracted to rotten wood and moisture in your home. If you have water-damaged walls or dry rot in your deck, for example, termites will come running. Damaged wood is easier to tunnel through, which is why termites are less likely to invade dry, hard wood in your home.

Are termites dangerous?

Termites are not dangerous to your health, but they are dangerous to your property. An untreated termite infestation can do thousands of dollars worth of damage, which is why early termite identification is so vital.

How can I prevent termites?

he best way to prevent termites is to have an annual inspection performed by a termite professional. These inspections can help catch infestations early and identify potential conducive conditions that could lead to termite invasion in the future.


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Definitely a great service provided overall. Josh came out two times and there is overall a huge difference noted. Definitely worth the money spent and the service was quick and fast without us having to leave home. Josh was friendly and knowledgeable about the agency and service. Satisfied with the outcome. Would recommend for any pest treatment inside or outside. 5 stars.

- JaTericka M.


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