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fire ants swarming on a hill

How Dangerous Is It To Have Fire Ants On My Raleigh Property?


Fire ants (Solenopsis Invicta) are believed to be native to South America, and inadvertently brought to the U.S. during the years of World War 2. Unlike many types of ants, fire ants have a distinctive appearance with colors including orange, red, and brown. Despite their relatively small size, fire ants can deliver painful bites and stings when they feel threatened. ... Read More

a termite chewing on wood

How To Get Rid Of Termites On Your Raleigh, NC Property


Unfortunately, there are several ways that Raleigh, NC home and business owners can lose their land. Termites are one of them. These bugs eat wood and can destroy entire buildings. Affected residents and entrepreneurs may face relocation, financial losses, and even injury from a crumbling structure.... Read More

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