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Say Goodbye To Flies: Effective Prevention And Control Techniques For Your Goldsboro Home

Updated: Apr 29

Flies are one of the most aggravating pests you may ever have to remove. Swarms of flies can ruin any outdoor gathering – and once they make an appearance inside, they can ruin indoor gatherings, too.

Are you stuck in this unfortunate fly situation? This guide can help you find solutions. Let's take a closer look at how to get rid of flies in the house quickly, with effective pest control services in Goldsboro.

A Guide To Fly Identification: Types And Behaviors 

There are many different types of flies you may encounter around your property. Here are some of the most common species found around Goldsboro:

  • Houseflies: These common flying pests are challenging to get rid of without the right systems in place.

  • Fruit flies: Once these tiny pests get into your home, they become extraordinarily hard to remove.

  • Stable flies: You can find these flies wherever animals live, as they feed on blood and deliver sharp, painful bites.

  • Horse flies: Another large species that feeds on blood, the horse fly possesses an extremely painful bite.

Remember: these are just some of the pesky flies you may encounter around your property. And even if you want to get rid of flies quickly, you need to consider their serious side effects.

Keep reading to learn more about what these are.

Confronting Flies In The House: Understanding The Risks

Most flies are little more than nuisance pests, which means they rarely cause serious problems for people and pets. However, some species of fly have medical or economic importance, which means they can put you and your loved ones in harm's way.

Flies are drawn to strong, unfavorable scents, which typically leads them to sewers, garbage, and animal droppings. If flies explore these areas and then come into your house, they can track infectious pathogens onto your counters, furniture, and dinnerware. 

Some flies can also leave you with painful bites, which may take days to heal and keep you from going outside. They can also expose you to secondary infections due to their persistence and frequency of attack.

Although flies in Goldsboro are a common occurrence, you don't need to put up with their long-term infestations. Let's look at some ways to keep flies away from your home, starting with these proactive measures.

Proactive Measures To Prevent Flies: Tips And Strategies 

These basic steps can help you control many different species of flies. Check out these tips to help decrease your chances of a fly infestation.

  • Cover food and drinks: Be diligent about covering your food to decrease fly activity around your home. 

  • Seal garbage: Seal garbage tightly and wash the bottoms of bins to discourage flies from getting too close.

  • Use screens: Install new screens on your windows and doors to stop flies from getting inside.

  • Repair leaks: Fix leaks when you find them to reduce your chances of a fly infestation. 

Finally, partnering with Arrest A Pest Exterminators can help you increase the effectiveness of your fly prevention efforts. 

Not sure if you need professional help? Below are some telling symptoms.

Getting Rid Of Flies: When To Call In The Experts 

Should you contact a pro for fly control in Goldsboro? That depends on your unique situation. Generally, you should speak to a professional if you notice an infestation inside or outside your home. If you can't enjoy your time indoors and can't go outside because of the risk of swarming flies, it's time to contact Arrest A Pest Exterminators for professional mitigations and treatments.

Arrest A Pest Exterminators' service technicians are highly trained in the latest, science-based treatments. We know how to get rid of flies in Goldsboro regardless of their species or volume. Call us today to speak with an expert about our residential and commercial pest control services in Goldsboro.


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