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Albertson, NC Pest Control

Pest Control In Albertson, NC

Keeping pests at bay can be challenging in North Carolina, and that’s especially true here in Duplin County, where we’re surrounded by lots of water, farmland, and wilderness. These factors make pest control in Albertson more difficult for home and business owners alike. Fortunately, Arrest A Pest is here to provide reliable, effective pest control to keep your property protected against all kinds of pest invaders.

Residential Pest Control In Albertson

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Our proximity to local state parks and the river makes home pest control in Albertson harder than it might otherwise be. Pests can easily wander into your home from outside where they’re supposed to be. Termites can come out of the forest and invade our homes. Wildlife can come out of the wilderness to root through our garbage, especially in the winter. 

Some of the pests you may encounter in your home at one time or another include:

  • Cockroaches

  • Spiders

  • Rats 

  • Mice

  • Wildlife

  • Termites

  • Ants

What’s worse, the over-the-counter products that you can purchase at the store aren’t usually effective against infestations. They may temporarily reduce the population of pests around your home, but they will not eliminate infestations altogether. The only thing that can do that is professional pest control from the experts here at Arrest A Pest. Where store-bought products fail, our expertise and professional products succeed at getting rid of whole infestations instead of just a few individuals. 

Commercial Pest Control In Albertson

All the factors that can drive pests into our Albertson homes can also drive them into our Albertson businesses. Additionally, commercial spaces have even more attractants than the average residential property. Businesses commonly have large amounts of food, crowds of people, multiple trash cans, and several access points, all of which can make commercial properties more attractive and easier to access to pests. 

Pest prevention on commercial properties is further complicated by the fact that signs of infestations are harder to spot in businesses, and pest prevention best practices are harder to follow. In light of all this, the best course of action is to contact Arrest A Pest for commercial pest control in Albertson before you end up with an infestation.

Here at Arrest A Pest, our pest experts can inspect your commercial property for active infestations and conducive conditions that can attract them to your business space. We also have professional-grade products and the training to effectively deploy them. That way, we can ensure your business space stays free from destructive and dangerous pests.

Call The Professionals For Fire Ant Activity In Albertson

Fire ants are becoming more and more common here in North Carolina as the climate continues to heat up. The warmer the summers and milder the winters, the easier it is for fire ants to spread. Because of this, you may start to notice more and more fire ant mounds in your yard with each passing year. 

Fire ants may not be able to fly, but they can still swarm just like hornets and sting as many times as they want. If you disturb a fire ant nest, they can crawl up your feet and legs and start stinging before you realize it's happening. It’s common for people to step on or through fire ant mounds without noticing before it’s too late to avoid being stung. 

Unfortunately, products commonly marketed as effective against fire ants are far from it. Store-bought granules typically temporarily reduce ant populations, which causes them to spread out and increase their rate of reproduction, eventually making your infestation worse. 

That’s why you should contact the professionals at Arrest A Pest for fire ant control services to deal with fire ant mounds in your yard. Professional products are much more effective against entire infestations, and our pest technicians are also experts in how to use them to free your yard from fire ants. 

Protect Your Albertson Home From Termite Activity

Termite control in Albertson is one of the most common aspects of overall pest control in our area. We’ve already talked about how termites can migrate into our homes from nearby wilderness areas. We also have a warm, humid climate that makes it easy for them to breed. Worst of all, since termites don’t need to scavenge for food, they can go undiscovered for many weeks and months. 

In fact, many times, homeowners only start to suspect they have termites when they begin seeing swarms or major damage. Both of these signs only happen when termite infestations are well-established and have been on your property for a while. All of these issues mean you need to contact Arrest A Pest for professional pest control services before you start to see signs of termite issues. 

The termite experts here at Arrest A Pest can help catch infestations early and nip them in the bud because our termite experts are trained to spot the initial signs of termite problems — signs that untrained eyes might miss. So don’t wait until termites have already done costly damage to your home. Give us a call or visit our contact page to schedule your termite inspection today!

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